Social Security Number / Identity Check
We provide you with a complete list of all identities and social security numbers your claimant is now using or may have used in the past. By checking each of the social security numbers we provide, you can identify other injury, accident, or claim reports filed by your claimant.

We also provide you all the addresses the claimant has ever filed to his social security numbers. This may lead you to a “fraud ring”. There are claimants who use other people’s addresses as “mail drops” to avoid detection.

​​Covert Activity
We can observe a claimant covertly and even give
you information based on direct contact with the
We often provide our clients with information
from the claimant that has led to the denial or
reduction of claims.

​​Claimant Interview
At your request, we can confront your claimant with the information we have obtained. By letting the claimant know what information you have, they will settle their claim for a small amount, or withdraw it altogether.
We have on staff, experienced interviewers who know how to enlighten the claimant and their attorney in order to resolve the claim. You can then settle with the ammunition you have.

Nationwide Litigation History
​Private investigators only provide local litigation history.
Claim Research has access to this information

​​Financial Reflection
Our reports provide you with your claimant’s
spending habits. With this and other information from Claim Research, you can establish the amount and often the type of your claimant’s income.

​Employment History
We provide you with a complete list of employers your claimant has worked for during the last seven (7) years. Claimants often claim that they are not working. We can identify ALL present and past employment, regardless of the claimant’s statements. By requesting this information, you may find that your claimant is presently employed.

​​Neighborhood Interviews
We interview neighbors covertly and can obtain
information from them regarding the employment,
injury status and financial situation of
claimants. Individuals are aware of the activities of
their neighbors.
Many injured claimants have other unknown
employment. We can confirm this by speaking with

​​​Claim Research

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