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We only report what they have, not what they don't have

Our reports provide you a social security number identity check, employment history, litigation
history, financial reflection, and information on your claimant’s lifestyle.
After we submit our report you can verify and request more information from the sources we

We're sure you will agree that the information you receive from us will give you the hard facts you are looking for and will lead to real savings for your organizations

We give hard facts that lead you to a claimant’s alternative employment or to a previous injury, perhaps filed under a different social security number that you never knew about!

Welcome to the alternative to private investigators

Do you want to know more about your claimant?

Are they presenting an outrageous claim?

Have you used private investigators with very little or no positive result?

Want something different?

Claim Research is a network of retired
government agents specializing in the investigation
of insurance claims, worker’s compensation and
banking fraud since 1974

Our agents will give you accurate information in written reports that will help you evaluate, adjust, and finally close those inflated, fraudulent, or litigated injury claims

...often without additional hard work.​